About Me

Becoming a parent isn’t something anyone should ever take lightly or for granted. Bringing a new little life into the world should always be thought of as a happy occasion.

While for the most part, baby announcements are met with smiles and maybe even a few tears of joy, some moms- and dads-to-be find themselves completely unprepared, afraid, and unsure how to cope before the big arrival.

Stevan “Coach” Lynn found himself in the latter category when he became a father for the first time. At only 22 years old, he realized he wasn’t ready but did his best to provide what he could as the non-custodial parent to his son.

Years later, he found himself becoming a single father to his daughter and made the decision to not only dedicate himself to embracing the opportunity of parenthood for both of his kids, but share his newfound focus on commitment with other new dads who might feel as overwhelmed as he did the first time around.

Now, Coach Lynn runs a program in his neighborhood of Bronx, NY, known as Deeds Driven Dads, where he encourages local fathers to take larger roles in their children’s lives. As they state in their pledge before every meeting, the program is designed to train the dads with resources and information that will help them to put the needs of their family first.