Coach Lynn

The time has come for fathers to eagerly assume the role of a deeds driven dad, whereby his understanding of becoming a responsible father can only be reached as a result of deeds not words. Dads who insist their kids education is a priority, Who encourage their children to try their best in everything they do, Who support their children in good times and bad, Whose pride and joy are shown in the blessings they call “my daughter” for all too see and Who prioritize their kids needs and their dreams sacrificing all for their benefit, their future!

Show them love

Teach and mentor

Stand by their sides

Coach Lynn

Stevan Lynn (also known as “Coach”) is a dedicated father of two amazing children, Football Coach & National Responsible Fatherhood Advocate. From humble beginnings, servicing the fathers & families in the infamous Cabrini Green Housing Projects of Chicago, Stevan has spent the better part of 20+ years inspiring fathers to embrace the challenges, surprises and insights that come from the every day responsibilities associated with being a real dad. Through mediums such as his award winning television program Dare 2 dream, A Fathers Guide to Success as well as his Fatherhood Training Center located in the heart of the South Bronx, Stevan has successfully changed the lives of countless fathers & families throughout the nation.

At the age of 22, Stevan was challenged with the arrival of his son and although ill equipped to raise a child, Stevan did everything a non-custodial parent could do to fulfill the role of a present and responsible father. Years later after the arrival of his daughter, Stevan found that embracing the opportunity to be the sole custodial parent would bring more joy and gratification than he could have ever imagined and in turn, make him a better father for his son.

“Taking on the role of a responsible father, dedicated to insuring that his children have opportunities and strength in making their dreams come true require; Faith..Sacrifice..Patience..Commitment & Unconditional Love. These are the keys to success!” — Coach Lynn

Daddy Chronicles

“When I found out I’d be a dad, all I wanted to do was be the father I never had, but I didn’t know what to do. Coach Lynn took me in and set me right and now my daughter has the dad she deserves.”

— Bill DeFossett, Host on WHCR FM

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