Get Rid of your Bathroom Tiles and Upgrade to FRP Bathroom Panels

bathroom rfp panels

Bored with your classic old bathroom tiles?

Change how your bathroom looks by installing new and stylish bathroom FRP wall panels. Bathroom wall panels are a fantastic way to beautify bathrooms without using tiles (floor or wall) or paint at affordable prices. For someone who owns a house, you will be looking for ways to beautify the house, checking if any place needs repairs or refurbishments. At a time such as this, one cannot afford to make a compromise on the material needed to beautify the house.

A common area in the house that needs constant repairs is the bathroom. Opt for bathroom wall panels, choosing from various textures and designs or maybe choose to stay sober by opting for simple colors. Furthermore, bathroom wall panels require very little preparation before installation and can also be installed over the existing bathroom wall tiles.

When choosing a Bathroom Wall Panel:

  • Choose a waterproof bathroom wall panel as it is specially designed to be used around water and steam without being easily damaged.
  • Choose a bathroom wall panel that can easily be cleaned using a damp cloth thereby cutting down on the cost of maintenance.
  • Choose a durable bathroom wall panel that is not prone to chipping or cracking. Also, pay attention to the material being used.
  • Mix and match from a wide range of colors, designs and shapes to make your bathroom look more decorative.
  • Choose a bathroom wall panel that is easy to install and requires lesser preparation time.
  • It makes sense to choose a bigger sized bathroom wall panel as the wastage due to cutting of edges would be lesser. Instead choose pre-designed panels as they can easily fit fixtures and prevent cutting and trimming.
  • Keep in mind your budget from a wide variety of bathroom wall panel designs and textures.

Bathroom wall panel- design and texture:

Nothing compares to the classic good looks of a decorative finish panel. There are various textures of bathroom wall panels available such as woodgrain bathroom wall panel, marble or a mosaic effect bathroom wall paneling.

When choosing a bathroom wall panel design you could pick from a wide range of designs like the embossed tileboard panel which is water resistant and good for high moisture areas; the Faux S tone bathroom wall panels that are waterproof, lightweight and are available in different styles such as brick, wood, stone and bamboo.

Bathroom Wall Panel-Options:

FRP panelsUPVC also abbreviated commonly as PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This bathroom wall panel option is a thermoplastic polymer, a kind of plastic that is widely used for construction. These bathroom wall panels are available in woodgrain, marble and mosaic style. Installation can be easily done using screws and adhesives.

Laminated bamboo wall paneling is naturally mold-free, a good insulator, low heat absorber and durable. One can choose from an array of attractive designs.

MDF or Medite Exterior Fibreboard is installed to improve the waterproof quality of the bathroom wall panel.

How to install FRP Shower Panels:

Improving your bathroom does not have to be expensive or difficult as you can see in the video below.


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