Planning an Inflatable Party

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Planning a party is great fun, but it can also be stressful.  You want everyone you invite to your event to have fun and enjoy themselves, but sometimes it can be difficult to organize something that will keep everyone entertained.  Hiring an inflatable is a good option to consider.

Why Hire an Inflatable for Your Party?

inflatable party rentalThe ideal party combines the maximum amount of fun for the party-goers with the least amount of effort and clean-up for the host.  Hiring an inflatable is an easy way to achieve this.  The company you use will handle all the setup and clean-up required, saving you a lot of work.

Party rental of an inflatable as a focal point and theme, making it easy to plan the rest of your activities around it.  Unlike many other party activities, your guests can easily enjoy an inflatable without you constantly organizing and supervising them.

Inflatables are enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels and are a great way to burn off the excess energy of excited kids.  Bouncing around together also serves as a great ice-breaker meaning that you won’t have awkward groups of guests standing around trying to make conversation.

What Kind of Inflatables Are Available to Hire?

Party inflatables have come a long way from the small bouncy castles that slowly deflated while only a couple of kids could bounce at the same time you may remember from decades ago.  Technology advances mean that inflatables today are bigger, firmer, and more economical.  Bouncy castles are available in all shapes, sizes, and themes.  It quickly became apparent that adults enjoy bouncing just as much as their kids, so most inflatables are now strong enough to accommodate grown-ups.

While the traditional castle remains popular, inflatables are available in various designs.  Slides are a popular choice, either dry or with water running down them.  Obstacle courses are also fun, especially those designed to let you race your friends to the end.  If you like a challenge, you can also hire inflatable assault courses.

Also available to hire are giant inflatable versions of board games such as Connect 4, Hoopla, Hungry Hippos, Noughts and Crosses, and darts.

If you are planning a party and know the weather will be hot, you could opt for a water inflatable.  Adding water to slides and obstacle course adds to the fun and will help to stop your guests from overheating.  On the other hand, if you are planning an outdoor party and the weather is unreliable, you could hire an inflatable tent or igloo.  As well as being fun, they will also help protect your visitors from any inclement weather conditions.

What Should You Consider Before Hiring an Inflatable?

bounce houseWhile hiring an inflatable for your party seems like a brilliant idea, you should consider a few things before making your booking.  First and foremost is safety!

Check out the company you are considering using to ensure they have insurance and licenses and comply with all local regulations.  Ask them about the age, maintenance, and cleaning of their equipment.  They should have printed information detailing their safety measures available for you to check before you make your booking.  Also, always take the time to read through the cancellation policy.

Think about how much space you have and the ages and abilities of the people you are inviting.  It’s a good idea to ask the rental company for advice on the best inflatable for your event as they will have had lots of experience and will be able to advise you on your options.

Check that the price you are being quoted includes everything, including setup, generator, and delivery and collection.  You don’t want a nasty surprise when you get the bill.  Some unscrupulous companies will not inform you of hidden extra charges until after setting up the inflatable, and your excited guests are ready to enjoy it.

Often the best way to choose which company to use is by a personal recommendation.  If that is not possible, make sure you do a little research before making a booking.  Check how long they have been in business.  Look to see if they have a genuine address and telephone number, not just an email address.

Finally, make sure you plan to have time to enjoy the inflatable you hire yourself!

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