Want to be a great father! then apply for dad key behaviours workshop

The National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) seeks applications from companies, which need to partner with NFI to implement the NFI’s brand new 24/7 key behaviours workshop inside the communities that they assist. The companies are providing this workshop will support fathers cultivate a set of behaviours, which would support them become a best father possible. This flexible workshop can be provided as a precursor to the NFI’s evidence based 24/7 dad program A.M or P.M. version to the graduates of 24/7 dad program or as a stand-alone workshop to fathers who have never anticipated in a fatherhood knowledge building workshop or program of any type.

What is NFI?

The mission of NFI is to convert companies and communities by providing them to proactively and purposely occupy fathers in the lives of children. NFI also makes an ability of community based companies, which seek out to start or improve fatherhood programs to benefit families, fathers and particularly children in their communities. Their services can also make capacity via father friendly assessments, technical assistance, strategic planning and skills training.

Chance for father serving organizations

In recent days, the National Fatherhood Initiative developed funding to train 30 direct service providers from all over the country to provide its new workshop for dads known as 24/7 dad key behaviours workshop to improve the participation of fathers in the lives of children. These 30 direct service providers will be among the first in the nation to obtain this different workshop.

The National Fatherhood Initiative will also train and provide 7 hour workshop, which can be facilitated with groups of fathers and delivered to fathers in one-on-one context or in a virtual setting. Moreover, this workshop can takes as small as one day to finish, if provided as an eight hour even along with lunch and breaks.

The direct service providers can also give 24/7 day key behaviour workshop as:

  • A precursor to National Fatherhood Initiative’s evidence based 24/7 dad program either A.M. or P.M. version

  • To graduates of 24/7 dad program

  • As a stand-alone workshop for any father

This NFI program is a fantastic opportunity for fathers who can spend time with their children. This program is specially made for fathers who can foster learning as well as relationship building at any point in their child’s life. You can seek guidance while attending this program and insist to your child. As a father, you can also build more skills such as communication, creativity, leadership, resilience, decision making and focusing on any specific task.

Furthermore, the National Fatherhood Initiative will offer the chosen companies with free material resources and training to efficiently run the 24/7 dad key behaviours workshop, which includes additional web based training, fathering handbooks, supportive technical assistance and curriculum kit. Therefore, this program can represent a wonderful chance for fathers to interact in positive and meaningful ways with their children.

Deadline for applying this application

The applications for National Fatherhood Initiative are due by Midnight, Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, June 14, 2020.

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